About e-Visa

Cambodia e-Visa or Electronic Visa has been introduced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in April 2006 to promote the Cambodia tourism industry. The website http://evisa.gov.kh now serves as a platform for tourists to apply Cambodia tourist Visa online.

Why e-Visa

With e-Visa, you do not have to visit the Cambodia Embassy to apply your Visa. No submission of documents is required during the application process because e-Visa process from application to approval is completely done via the online platform. The process is very straightforward whereby the applicants just need to fill up their details and submit the payment thru the secure payment gateway with their credit card.

Is e-Visa legitimate?

Yes, e-Visa is a project launched by the Cambodian Government and fully supported by MOFA. The following countries have authenticated the legitimacy of the e-Visa service:


Over 55,000 e-Visa applications have been approved and you can read about the applicant's experiences here.


With the help from more than 150 e-Visa friends, the e-Visa platform now supports up to 25 languages worldwide. Number of e-Visa lanes in major checkpoints also increased from the initial 5 lanes to 20 lanes as of to date. Due to the overwhelming positive responses from travelers worldwide, the number of e-Visa applicants is steadily increasing, with more than 55,000 applicants processed to date.

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