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Yushu, Taiwan, 17 April 2008

Cambodia e-visa benefits travelers by a more efficient and quicker online apply service, shortening the distance between this amazing country and travelers. I feel glad to be involved in this translation project and make the service accessible for traditional Chinese character users.
Dave Jaros, Czech Replublic, 8 November 2007

I hope this may have helped you in your aim to make your country even more accessible to those who are not that strong in official english and this may save Czechs and other people lots of hassle when applying for visa on the remote consulates (abroad only) or on arrival.
Ad Jonker, Netherlands, 23 October 2007

During planning our travel November 2007 to Cambodia I ran up against the lack of univocal information concerning visas. Fortunately I encountered somewhere a link to E-visas of Cambodia. As far as I knew, there was not one country that these possibility offered and to my large stupefaction this worked sublimely. After very first choosing from a language offer of more than 25 countries, there perfectly a step-by-step plan came in own language where you could fill in the requested data. Even scanning of a photograph were a rather simple occupation. The largest surprise came that the processing of the data had been done within 12 hours after application, taking into account a time difference of 7 hours the visa could become printed out on my own computer. I'm glad to be able provide a small contribution in order to make better confessed of this sublime possibility to all tour-operators, travelguide writers and information-supplying organisations in the Netherlands. I'm looking forward to visit your nice country very soon.

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Guy Demaison, France, 22 October 2007

Being President of Humane association AME D'ASIE, I often travel to Cambodia. I thus appreciate the E-visa for his facility of obtaining and because it enables me to save time at the time of my arrived at Cambodia. I thus greet this initiative.

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Sidsel Bordal Kristoffersen, Norway, 24 July 2007

My trip to Cambodia was an experience of a lifetime! The people, the culture and the way of life is so different from what I am used to in Norway. I recommend everyone, who has the chance, to visit Cambodia and the magnificent temples of Angkor. I hope that my contribution here will make the trip easier for some. Thank you for the opportunity to help!
Dr. Kim, Dong-joo, Korea, 17 July 2007

It is very wonderful to get a Cambodian visa at home, e-Visa. No need to visit travel agent or embassy of Cambodia, no queue at the Airport. All you have to do is just clicking on your PC a few minutes. Please enjoy e-Visa just like a PC game. Also I'm very proud to join e-Visa promotion program.

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Jani Kinnari, Finland, 11 July 2007

It has been a real honour for me to translate the e-Visa website into Finnish. This is my gift of the friendliness, happiness and of all those smiles I got in beautiful Cambodia. Hopefully more and more people from Finland will find Cambodia as one of their travel destinations and by using e-Visa it couldn't be any easier! Klick, print and enjoy of this beautiful country!
Daniel Quevedo, Brazil, 2 July 2007

When I visited Cambodia for my honeymoon, I was stunned on how much people on the streets could speak foreign languages.

Specially around the Angkor area, a symphony of words floated in the air, composed with the sounds of English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean... Too bad we don't have more people in the rest of the world able to understand the beautiful shapes and sounds of the Khmer language!

That's why I was more than happy to contribute to this project, helping to bring close to the speakers of my own language the warm hospitality and incredible historical legacy of the Cambodian people.
Livia Constantinescu, Romania, 2 July 2007

I was more than happy to help with the Romanian translation of the site. I hope it will help boost the Romanian tourism in Cambodia! My mother and I visited Cambodia in 2007 and we were impressed with the cultural richness of the country. The electronic visa facility is probably the first step towards an in-depth change towards tourism. Although some remote hidden places will probably be filled in with tourists in a few years time, the secret charm of the country is on the verge of disappearing and more people will take advantage of the facilities opening up to them in order to visit the country. I just hope that they will enjoy it as much as we did and I definitely want to join the crowds back to Cambodia in a few years' time!
Olatz Pascual, Euskal Herria, 25 June 2007

For me e-visa is the easiest way to obtain the Cambodian Visa, and many other countries will take example from Cambodia in reference to the visas. Also I want to thank those people who give me the opportunity to take part in this project, translating in to euskara language (basque language).
Chavakan Vitchchakan, Thailand, 20 June 2007

I and my 7 close friends traveled to Cambodia during last New Year (2007) with e-VISA. We all agreed that Cambodia is the world wonderful place. So, when I was contacted to participate in this project, I did not reluctant to say YES as I always recommend Cambodia to anyone surround me. I'm so appreciated to make a little contribution with hope to assist Thai tourists go to Cambodia easier.
Huang Zhi Bin, China, 16 June 2007

I am glad that you give me such a chance to translate e-Visa website into my own language, and I hope that someday I can fly from China to Cambodia with e-Visa!^_^
Mineko Matsumoto, Japan, 13 June 2007

I'm very glad to participate in this project. I hope more and more people will use this convenient system. And someday I want to visit Cambodia again, of course with e-Visa!

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Pieter Ceulen, Belgium, 11 June 2007

Over the last few years I have been travelling to Cambodia a lot and I have to say it is amazing to see this country evolve so quickly. e-Visa is just one example of the progress made there and it has made my travelling much easier. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to help make e-Visa even more accessible ... Enjoy!
Giorgio Marchini, Italy, 8 June 2007

I'm happy to be your testimonial saying that your idea is smart but an idea is not enough and probably you are not the first. The key of the success of your project is the friendly attitude of the site.And again your idea to share part of the task with peoples around the world shows you ,Cambodians, as you are: Friends.
Ono Toshio, Japan, 8 June 2007

e-Visa translation project is very interesting for me. Because I think this project itself is great worth for the friendship between Cambodian and other countries people and my volunteer in the language translation is a small international contribution. I want to help with the future as one person of the same Asian.

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Pascal Foglia, Switzerland, 6 June 2007

I am proud to give my little contribution to Cambodia. The e-Visa is a great and clever idea, so I hope this will help anyone to discover your wonderful country. Thanks again for this great experience!
Janna Dymova, Russia, 5 June 2007

I'm assured that travelers all over the world are grateful to Cambodia e-Visa team for its initiative to make unique e-Visa service accessible in 25 languages. I was very pleased to participate in this innovative project and to contribute for Russian translation of Cambodia e-Visa website. It was the happy opportunity for me to back up my huge sympathy to this delightful country and its amazing people.
Eric Fleutelot, France, 4 June 2007

It was a pleasure to be involved in this translation project. I enjoyed e-visa facilities during my last trip to Cambodia, a country I love and where I can rest from a crazy life around the world. Facilitating visits and tourism is a good thing, but we have also to take care of Cambodia, people of Cambodia and heritage sites.

Email e-Visa Friends (France)
Jernej Zgur, Slovenia, 4 June 2007

I was enraptured with the simplicity of the whole e-Visa process when I was traveling to Cambodia myself. It is a simple proof of how a group of competent people can make things easier and user friendly. It is an honour for me to be a part of that group of people so it is my pleasure to take part in the project.
Woo Na, China, 3 June 2007

After a lovely trip in Cambodia, I can't wait for recommending this amazing country to more Chinese. With e-visa, the tourists will have a great start for their trip and they will realize the effort made by the Government of Cambodia. I hope my translation could contribute the bridge between Cambodia and China, no matter how little the contribution is.
Cheryl, China, 1 June 2007

An intimate touch with Cambodia through eVisa make it natural to enroll myself in the volunteers. For me, "e" means more than eletronic but easy. ^_^ I do it simply because I hope more and more Chinese visitors enjoy the convenience. Our efforts are paid-off then.
Domokos, Hungary, 31 May 2007

Cambodia e-Visa is far the most prominent e-service ever provided by authorities, even among the most advanced information technology countries of the world. It was a pleasure to help in this project.
Kim Hyun Sub, South Korea, 31 May 2007

It was great chance for me to participate on Cambodian E-visa translating project. And now I'm so happy because many Korean travelers can understand about E-visa well. I believe this project can help many Korean travelers to enter Cambodia more easily. I appreciate Cambodian officials on giving me such a nice experience.

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Riwan Tanzil, Indonesia, 31 May 2007

Cambodia is a well known history places of their Angkor Wat. Even though i haven't been there i'm sure one day i'll step my foot on it. About the translation project, it sure will bring a lot of benefits of each translation country as more and more people currently using IT in their daily life. And the translation project will bring lots of tourist around the world the convenience and easy understanding on applying e-visa.
Jaromir, Poland, 31 May 2007

I travelled to Cambodia with e-Visa, shortly after coming back to Poland I received a proposal to participate in translation project. I agreed immediately - it is a work which may be helpful for other polish travellers (currently there’s no cambodian embassy in Poland), and in my opininon beauty of Angkor and Cambodia is worth some hours spent with translation.
Susan Ritzén, Sweden, 31 May 2007

This is globalization at it's best! Imagine everything we can do together in the future, as a true world community on the internet. And if more Swedes find this easy way to go to Cambodia just through my translations, I would be very proud - and happy!
Le Khanh An, Vietnam, 28 May 2007

The aspiration of tightening the neighbourhood between Vietnam and Cambodia carried me to embark on this meaningful project. I eagerly hope my contribution will be able to expand the progression of tourism and other aspects of two contries. And if possible, put a twin journey of Vietnam and Cambodia in your agenda *_^
Yumi Ogawa, South Korea, 21 May 2007

It's a wonderful project which people who loves Cambodia worked together. I'm very happy to take part in this project. ;-)

Email e-Visa Friends (Japan)
Thomas Loveneke, Sweden, 17 May 2007

I appreciate to have chance to participate in Cambodia e-Visa website translation. e-Visa is a really a smooth way to apply for visa and travel to Cambodia. I have traveled with e-Visa myself. I think more countries should use system too.
Florian Schaeffler, Germany, 17 May 2007

From the very first time that I have heard about e-Visa I was committed to it and so there was no reluctance in helping out for the translation into many different languages. And to be honest, it feels good to see your own translation on an other website.
Arnaud Godard, France, 17 May 2007

When I traveled to Cambodia in spring 2007, I used e-Visa and found the idea to apply for visa online very modern, the website is well design, quick and easy to use. I just regretted to have to apply in english ;) During my stay, I received an email proposing to contribute for a french translation of e-Visa website. I was very pleased to be able to help both Cambodia and future french tourists, and to contribute to a collaborative translation project.

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