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Guide For Passport Reader Information

Last modified: Nov 07, 2019
Step 1: Click on "Read Passport” button for browsing the passport image file, please upload the clear image possible.


Step 2: Make an adjustment for the passport image by using Adjustment tools to fit the guideline and click on the "Save” button.


Step 3: Review the application photo (if the photo did not match the requirement please re-upload the application photo).

The user who using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge browser (not supported) or If the reading process is taking too long to process, please click "Cancel Read” button after upload the passport image and manually enter the information.

(Noted* After upload the system will automatically scan the passport information and fill in the information filed, each filed that have been filled has a green highlight and also insert the Application Photo).

Step 4: Review the information in the autofill filed to prevent any wrong information (the performance of autofill is depended on the clear quality of the image) and also fill in other information filed that did not get autofill (filed without green highlight).
 Thank you!